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Not So Standard Deviations

Nov 8, 2017

Roger went to the rOpenSci Oz Unconference and Hilary led a design sprint. 

Show notes:

rOpenSci OzUnconf 2017:

Summary of OzUnconf by Nick Tierney:

How do you convince people to use R? 

Oct 20, 2017

Hilary and Roger discuss listener names, facial recognition, coding boot camps, wildfires in California, edge computing, and AR measuring apps. Plus, more on stickers!

Show notes:

Biometric Menagerie:

Coding boot camps closing down:

Oct 6, 2017

Hilary and Roger continue their late night contemplations about stickers, collecting new data for training machine learning algorithms, and paying for open (and closed) source software.

Show notes:

Sticker madness:

Sticker on phone: 

Aug 31, 2017

Hilary and Roger have a late-night discussion about JupyterCon, data analysis and decisions, and other deeper topics.

Show Notes:


Financial stability monitor:


Aug 21, 2017

Hilary and Roger continue the discussion about whether good data analysis can lead to bad outcomes, talk about private cloud servers, and discuss whether data represent ground truth.

Show Notes:

Movies on tape:

Private cloud server: