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Mar 14, 2016

We’ve started a Patreon page! Now you can support the podcast directly by going to and making a pledge. This will help Hilary and me build the podcast, add new features, and get some better equipment. This is an all craft episode of Not So Standard Deviations, where Hilary and Roger discuss starting and ending a data analysis. What do you do at the very beginning of an analysis? Hilary and Roger talk about some of the things that seem to come up all the time. Also up for discussion is the American Statistical Association's statement on p values, famous statisticians on Twitter, and evil data scientists on TV. Plus two new things for free advertising. Show notes: NSSD Patreon Page ( Jan de Leeuw ( Douglas Bates ( Sports Night ( ASA’s statement on p values ( Basic and Applied Psychology Editorial banning p values ( J. Kenji Alt’s Vegan Experience ( #fieldworkfail (